Top Tesla Model 3 Accessories

About a month ago we purchased a Geek’s dream car, the Tesla Model 3 SR+ (known as Jon Snow)!

The amount of technology and performance you get for under $40k is amazing, but there were still some accessories we needed to get to make the car more uniquely ours. Also, to keep costs down, Tesla left a few things out.

*Disclaimer: Most if not all links on this page will be Affiliate Links. It doesn’t cost you any more to purchase through them, but it does help us to pay for things like website hosting and more tech & gadgets to write about.

Autailors All Weather Car Floor Mats Set For Tesla Model 3 Made In USA

While many Model 3 owners were recommending the 3D MAXpider AllWeather Mats, we wanted something that went a little bit better with the fancy white interior. These look really good and are of high quality! They offer a 3 piece set for about $199 and a 6 piece set that also covers the frunk and trunk.

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The Original Windshield Sun Shade, Custom-Fit for Tesla 3 Sedan 2018, 2019, Silver Series

We live in Austin, Texas where it is hot more than not. When parked outside, it can get brutally hot inside the car. While the Tesla Model 3 does have a climate function to run the fans an/or AC when parked, this uses up some of the electric range. Austin Detailing tinted our side & rear windows with high IR & UV blocking Xpel Prime XR film. We decided not to tint the front windshield and purchased this Custom Fit Sun Shade instead for about $40. It’s sturdy, fits well and does a good job of keeping heat out.

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BASENOR Model 3 Front Glass Roof Sunshade Window Sunroof Sun Shade Sun Protection for Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has a beautiful glass roof. Again, because of the Texas sun, we need a little protection over our heads. The easily removable mesh sunshade clips in pretty easily, looks good, and does a good job keeping some additional heat out. It was about $29

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Samsung T5 Portable SSD – 500GB – USB 3.1 External SSD (MU-PA500)

Why do you need a portable SSD drive for a Tesla? Three reasons:

  1. Tesla has the ability to use its Autopilot cameras(and now rear backup camera) as Dashcams!
  2. Tesla also has the ability to use these cameras when parked, known as Sentry Mode.
  3. You can put your favorite MP3 music on the drive to listen to.

I partitioned this drive into 400GB for Teslacam/Sentry duties and 100Gb for my iTunes collection. I could not believe how small this SSD drive was when I received it. On my Mac, I erased the existing partition to one Mac partition. I then erased and created 2 mac partitions. After that, I was able to erase and create 2 Fat32 partitions of 400GB & 100GB. (The mac calls it just ‘FAT’ but it does create a FAT32 partition). On the 400GB you need to create a folder called TeslaCam. It sounds worse than it is. Cost for the drive was about $89

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Mixsuper Autopilot 2.0 Carbon Fiber Look Side Markers Turn Signal Covers for Tesla Model 3, S, & X

I’m not a fan of chrome but love carbon fiber(yes even faux carbon fiber). These slick covers go right over the chrome Autopilot camera on the fenders. The cost was about $30. You can also get a Real Carbon fiber version for $60.

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Remove Aero Covers from Factory Rims

If you don’t mind taking a small hit in range (5 to 7 miles on a full charge), Tesla sells a kit for $49 with center caps and lug nut covers to complete the look. You can also find similar/cheaper kits on Amazon. There is also a kit with kinetic powered LED center caps!

And if you really want to geek out on how different wheels affect EV range, check out the in-depth charts at Teslike – Tesla Wheel/Range Charts

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EV Wraps Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap – White Carbon Fiber

As if the Tesla Model 3 White Interior isn’t white enough, we had our shiny piano black center console wrapped in White Carbon fiber. The stock console was a dust and fingerprint magnet. While Austin Detailing did ours when they tinted the windows, you can also DIY with kist from EV Wraps and Nicola. For even more white, they have a steering kit too!

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